“Being a volunteer at CCC has opened my eyes to the endless possibilities of these young souls. By mentoring, educating and just spending time with the children of CCC, enables these vulnerable children to have hopes and dreams of a sustainable and bright future for themselves. I volunteered at CCC to help change the fate of the street children of Juba, but little did I realize that these children would end up changing my life.”  –  Tracey Coghlin


 (Photo: Tracey with one of the girls)

“What CCC is able to do best is provide safety and love. The organisation provides a sense or normalcy where children are able to attend school (some for their very first time), know their basic needs will be met and know that they have a tonne of other brothers, sisters, aunties and uncles to support them. This provides the CCC children with enough sense of security that they are able to dream for their future, to have ambitions, to set goals; and most importantly, believe that they can achieve them. That creates changemakers – something South Sudan really needs. But the thing that stands out most for me about CCC is just how much love there is floating around that compound!” –  Hannah Rounding


(PHOTO: Hannah teaching Yoga at CCC)