About Us

Confident Children out of Conflict UK is a registered charity in the UK, which raises money to help fund the education of street children in South Sudan.

Our organisation in turn helps support Confident Children out of Conflict (South Sudan), an NGO which has a children’s centre in the capital Juba.

This centre houses many vulnerable young children from 4 – 17 years old, mainly girls, who have in the past been affected by poverty, gender based violence and many of them displaced by internal conflict in the country.

As well as helping the children at the centre we fund the education of around 800 other children throughout the worlds newest, but poorest country.

A small number of these South Sudanese children are now being educated in Uganda and we help to financially assist some of them in their education and help fund the project. 

Our vision is to help fund Confident Children out of Conflict (South Sudan) with financial support  to provide children with a safe space to sleep, eat, learn and play, in order that they can develop into young adults fulfilling their full potential.

UK Registered Charity Number 1167899